About Great Exhortations

This blog usually owes money to its local library.
This blog may feature reviews, lists, and essays, hopefully all about books.
This blog prefers serif over sans-serif.
This blog is run by a recent college graduate, working part time and filling the rest of her days with reading.
This blog is brought to you by the letter G.

Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Gabriela and as I said above, I’m a recent college graduate with a part-time job that gives me lots of time to read. I started this blog to get more involved with the world of books. Happy to tackle any and all genres, I’m a pretty nondiscriminatory reader.

I’m new to blogging, so I’ve been making an effort to review most of the books I read. It’s mostly for practice. I know the world does not need a review of The Invisible Man, seeing as it has been published for over 100 years. I want to get better at reviewing, so I have to start somewhere!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Goodreads. It’s always nice to make a bookworm buddy.

Header image from Unsplash.

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