Top Ten Tuesday: Things Books Made Me Want To Do or Learn

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by the Broke and the Bookish) has us talking about things books made us want to do or learn. Read on for my list!


  1. Archery: Didn’t everyone want to learn archery during the Hunger Games/Avengers/Brave craze of 2012? It’s still something I want to learn. I looked into it recently, but there’s nowhere nearby/convenient for me to take lessons.
  2. Running: Characters in books are always so invigorated by running. It sounds lovely, and I do feel proud after running, but it’s miserable when you’re in the middle of it.
  3. General fighting skills: I spent a while looking through books I’ve read recently and the most common thing that I wanted to learn from them was some sort of fighting skill. I need to survive the apocalypse, guys.
  4. Spending more time in the woods: Despite not being much of a hiker, I love the atmosphere of the woods and its association with fairy tales and stories. I finished The Darkest Part of the Forest just yesterday and I wish I could have a little house in the middle of the forest (though maybe not the forest in Fairfold). Much like with archery, though, my current living situation doesn’t really allow for it.
  5. Lateral thinking: I can’t remember the term used in this book, but Darrow from Red Rising is good at lateral thinking. It’s such a clever way of problem solving. I want to be good at it!
  6. Being a resurrectionist: DoSaB had such an interesting system for resurrecting characters. I know it’s a shady business, but it’s one I wouldn’t mind getting into.
  7. Being a thief: During college, I read a ton of crime fiction and part of me has always been fascinated by heists and complicated jobs. Sure, the characters may be doing something illegal, but I can’t help but admire the amount of planning and coordination involved.

Thanks for stopping by!

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