Hiatus Recap: June

Finally! I’m all caught up after abandoning my blog for seven months. This is the last set of books I read during my hiatus. June consisted of nine books, five of which were so good that I need to talk about them below. Now that I’ve reviewed every month from my hiatus, it’s clear that June was above average in enjoyment levels.

Let’s start with A Darker Shade of Magic because !!!! I remember a lot of anticipation before the sequel was released in February and it feels totally justified now. I’m, in general, not big on parallel worlds. It’s just not a topic I gravitate towards. But maybe the best part of being disinterested in something is being shown how it can be done really well. This world-building was truly top-notch.

Red Rising started out so slow, but got interesting. There were some excellent twists. Despite Darrow being good at everything, which is usually pretty annoying in an MC, he made mistakes and things didn’t go easily for him. I really didn’t think I would like Red Rising based on the first 1/4 of the book, but I’m happy to have been proved wrong.

I’ve been super excited about Wink Poppy Midnight for months. Even ignoring the incredible cover (seriously, how beautiful is this book?), the description really appealed to me. And I felt it delivered what was promised in the blurb, which doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it felt like YA Gone Girl (which, now that I’ve typed it, I realize is a truly terrifying concept).

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to talk about E.K. Johnston. By happy accident, I read A Thousand Nights and Exit, Pursued By a Bear concurrently/one right after the other. Sometimes I forgot they were written by the same person. I love finding authors who can jump genres, and Johnston approached both fantasy and contemporary beautifully. While I loved both, I enjoyed Exit, Pursued By a Bear a little more.

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