Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Facts About Me

This week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted as always by The Broke and the Bookish) calls for ten facts about me. I’ve always loved hearing little details about people, so I’m quite looking forward to reading these! For mine, I decided to go with bookish facts.

  1. I read for at least an hour every day. My commute to work is an hour each way, which gives me plenty of reading time, and I usually read a little more before bed.
  2. Since November(ish), I’ve been reading mostly ebooks (and lately audiobooks). Getting library books on my ereader is just so convenient!
  3. I have some cute bookmarks, but nine times out of ten, I’m using some random scrap of paper like a receipt to mark my place.
  4. My favorite audiobook narrator is Khristine Hvam. I loved her narration of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I need a full list of books she’s done!
  5. I like a lot of genres, but for the past year, I’ve been reading a ton of YA fantasy. It might be my favorite genre.
  6. I love to sit in the sun and read on my parents’ porch. One of my least favorite things about living in an apartment is not having a good place to sit outside and read when the weather is nice.
  7. Despite living in a major city, I’m still using my hometown library to get most of my books. I blame my New York pride.
  8. My favorite book as a kid was Ella Enchanted, which I have definitely mentioned here before. I re-read it a few weeks ago and it was just as good as I remembered. I was so relieved to find that I still liked it and I totally thought the story held up. Nothing is worse than being underwhelmed by your childhood favorites. (I re-watched Jumanji a few years ago and the crocodile was much less scary than I remembered. I was terrified of it when I was little!)
  9. I’m currently very afraid that I won’t finish The Golem and the Jinni before it is due back to the library. It’s due within the next two days and I still have six hours left.
  10. As of March, I work in academic publishing. So far, I’m really enjoying it!

Like I said, I’m excited to get back into reading other people’s TTTs. It’s good to be blogging again. Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Facts About Me

    • greatexhortations says:

      I actually just finished The Golem and the Jinni this evening! It’s such a long audiobook (close to 20 hours!) but I definitely think it’s worth the time commitment in the end, even if it does drag a little in the beginning.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    I feel like I’d love to read on my commute but my commute’s at most 10 minutes, and I’m usually too sleepy to read in the morning!

    I’ve been meaning to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone AND picking up more audiobooks, so Khristine Hvam’s sounds like a great one to start with.

    And yay for academic publishing! What do you do, if I may ask – like are you in editing, marketing, acquisitions, etc.? 🙂


    • greatexhortations says:

      I hope you do try the Daughter of Smoke and Bone audiobook! Khristine Hvam’s accents and voices are excellent. There was a moment when I actually teared up at hearing a character’s voice again.

      I’m an editorial assistant for an acquisitions editor, though I think I’m interested in marketing in a long-term sense.


      • Reg @ She Latitude says:

        I’ll definitely check it out, thanks for the recommendation!

        And wow, that sounds exciting. I have a publishing & communications degree but I’m kind of using the comms part more, haha. I’d love to combine those two and work in book marketing. 😛


  2. AJ says:

    I used to have a long commute and audiobooks got me through it. Honestly, I miss them now that I have a shorter one.
    When apt hunting my requirements are always a “decent” kitchen and some sort of outdoor space for my herbs and me to read. I really don’t care what the rest looks like lol (well as long as it has space for my books 🙂 )

    Here’s my TTT


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