Hiatus Recap: February

So now we’re getting into the part of the hiatus where my life starts changing quite rapidly. I left my old job at the end of January, finally having had enough and ready to be unemployed for a stretch while continuing to search. In a weird twist, I was actually offered a position about a week after my last day. I would be moving and starting a new job in March.

So February was the only month when I was entirely unemployed. I tried to do a lot of reading and writing, since I was afraid I would have less time to dedicate to them once I started working full-time. I read 10 books. Not too shabby for a short month.

Standouts from the month of February: I’ve had Ready Player One described to me as “great if you love video games or the eighties.” This didn’t really get me interested, since I was born in 1992 and I’ve never owned a video game console (shocking, I know). So I was pleasantly surprised when I loved Ready Player One. It really has a broad appeal. It was one of those rare books I recommend to my boyfriend. We have such different tastes that we rarely get to have a conversation about a book we both liked. I think the last time it happened was with The Hunger Games!

Crimson Bound I liked. It was a little overshadowed this month by my two favorites, but the concept of the forest really appealed to me. I ended up reading Rosamund Hodge’s other book, Cruel Beauty, later in the year and I definitely preferred Crimson Bound. Plus that cover is epic.

Are people talking about A Thousand Pieces of You? Please tell me that people have been raving about it during the seven months I’ve been away from the book-blogosphere. I was obsessed with this cover long before I read the book (the rest of the series’ covers are just as beautiful, but the first cover is my favorite), but it turns out the story is great. I loved the concept and the alternate realities were creatively executed. I’ll be so mad if it turns out that people haven’t been talking about it.

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