Hiatus Recap: January

Welcome to Part Two of my hiatus recap. Moving along to January, where I started the year off right with a respectable 9 books. Just like yesterday, my favorites are bolded in the list below and I included a couple comments at the end.

Standouts from the month of January: I read the first two books of the Graceling trilogy and adored them both. It was ages before I could bring myself to finish the series (I didn’t read Bitterblue until April), which has become a bit of a trend with me. I’m currently two-thirds of the way through a few series, but can’t bring myself to finish them.

The Lunar Chronicles is another where I’ve been almost done for a long time (Winter has been sitting on my table for at least two months now). Cress is so sweet, I loved her instantly. These books sometimes feel as though they were made for me.

I know the fan reaction to Queen of Shadows was super divided, but I actually really liked it. The first three books were enjoyable enough, but I think QoS may be the strongest installment of the series so far. If I still can’t get invested in the characters, but the plotting felt well-done. I liked it.

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