Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I Want to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish, and it conveniently gives me blogging topics when I’m being a lazy blogger (which is all the time). This week we’re talking our favorite historical or futuristic settings.

This honestly isn’t the best topic to ease me back into blogging. I like history and sci-fi, but if I’m going to be heart-eyed over a setting, it’s almost always a fantasy setting. So I’m tweaking this a little and listing settings I would like to read more of.


1. Regency: I had a Jane Austen phase in college and it’s nice to step back into a time period with which I’m already familiar, since I have a decent idea of what constitutes acceptable behavior. That way, I can be properly scandalized when characters break the rules.

2. Victorian: Speaking of rules, what setting has more rules than the Victorian era? I love how uber-feminine it feels. I feel like everyone likes a nice Victorian setting.

3. Edwardian/WWI: I’m not going to lie. My interest in this time period can be attributed to my college women’s history class and Downton Abbey. But I’m interested all the same! I feel like the Edwardian era is overlooked since it’s sandwiched between the more popular Victorian and Twenties periods.

4. Non-Western settings: I actually feel guilty about this one. I almost never read translated works. I very rarely read books taking place anywhere other than England or the US. I don’t even read all that much by Hispanic authors, which feels like an insult to my own background. So I need to make an conscious effort to be more varied in my reading selection.

5. Russia: I don’t even have a specific time period for this. I’m just interested in reading more about Russia.

6. Revolutions (American, French, Russian, etc.): I love a good revolution. The American and French Revolutions were always my favorite history topics in school. I always associate revolutions with reckless optimism, which makes them such interesting environments.

7. Dystopian: Yeah, I’m still not over that dystopian trend from a few years ago. Like I said, I love a good revolution. Give me an oppressed people overthrowing a corrupt system any day of the week.

8. Space-based sci-fi: Maybe it’s my recent Star Wars kick, but I want to distance myself from Earth a little. I want to read a novel taking place on some sort of spaceship.


It’s a shame I don’t read more historical novels. I genuinely do like history, as I like to be a collector of information and insight. If you have any recommendations for books with these settings, please point me in the right direction!

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I Want to Read

  1. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    Hmm… interesting. As much as I like the dystopian genre. I can’t say I like it because of the cliches, which seems to be the case for you. (not that it’s a bad thing). I’d almost rather there be a dystopian novel without the cliche of tyrannical government vs. oppressed people. Something a little different would be nice for a change. (But I’m overly book critical).

    P.s. Space-based scifi is known as Space Operas. ^.^ And they are quite amazing. I definitely think we need more of these, but the qualm is that we’ll always compare them to Star Wars.

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    • greatexhortations says:

      When any genre gets popular, a lot of mediocre books are published to capitalize on the trend. But I think this is a genre that has potential for great stories, assuming you can weed through the uninspired ones.


    • greatexhortations says:

      So in lieu of saying specific countries/regions I would like to read books from, I’ll say that I love folklore. I’d be interested in reading things that are folklore/legend/mythology based, regardless of location.
      When it comes to Latin American literature, magical realism is usually the first thing people recommend, but I’ve had trouble getting into that in the past. Though it has admittedly been a while since I’ve tried any magical realism, I’d like to know what other styles there are.
      Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you so much for asking me to specify!

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      • Cheyanne says:

        Hmmm. Well, I read quite a bit of Chicano literature (House on Mango Street, Carmelo and Gabi a Girl in Pieces are some good ones without any magical realism, I think 😉 ). I also REALLY love Julia Alvarez who is Dominican-American and wrote a few of my favorites (In the Time of Butterflies and How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents). Then there’s Gabriel Garcia Marquez, of course, but he might be a bit magical for you? One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera are GREAT. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel is another favorite and it’s got that magical realism element to it but it’s charming and light-hearted and will make you hungry!


  2. Carrie says:

    Some great books in the Edwardian/WW1 era are the Edwardian Brides series by Carrie Turansky and the Penned in Time series by Pepper Basham, as well as Not by Sight by Kate Breslin 🙂 My TTT


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