Top Ten Tuesday: Five Things We Can Quit Writing About

Today’s (very late and very short) Top Ten Tuesday is about quitting. I decided to go with things I won’t miss if they stop showing up in stories. Read on to see my story pet peeves.

  1. Vampires: I was never a vampire girl. Not sure why I never connected with them, but that vampire craze in the late 2000s was really not my cup of tea.
  2. Fae: This is a newer trend I’m not really feeling (or, I should say, new to me). It seems to me like fae are just people, but too perfect, a la Edward from Twilight? If anyone knows more about fae, please illuminate me in the comments.
  3. Jerks with hearts of gold: A common trope in media, a less common occurrence in real life. I feel like the prevalence of this trope makes us excuse bad or rude behavior.
  4. Twist endings: This is a love-hate situation for me. I love a good twist ending, who doesn’t? But I feel like I’ve read so many things with twist endings recently that I’ve started to expect them. Part of that is my fault; I’m always thinking ahead and working things out logistically as I read. I could use a break from twists, just to reset my brain.
  5. Everyone loves the same character: The majority of my friends are all attracted to the same gender as me and it is so uncommon for us to be into the same guy. People are complicated! Everyone has little, specific things they’re attracted to or turned off by. Characters should reflect this.

Did I miss any other irritating tropes? Share your story pet peeves with me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Five Things We Can Quit Writing About

  1. sue's reading corner says:

    The subject of vampires has gotten pretty old; at this point, it honestly depends on the writer and how they incorporate it within the text.As for everyone loving the same character, it is pretty annoying and makes it seem like you’re only special if you get a lot of people to notice you. One or two is not a bad thing (sometimes, love triangles are necessary), but three or four? I’m out! 😉


  2. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    I really like your take on this week’s TTT. I especially like #5 because it’s completely true that everyone has their own tastes in people and it’s unlikely EVERYONE is going to like the same person and yet inevitably in books the characters are all gallivanting after one person. So not real. Love that you brought this up since I think most people don’t think of it. ^.^

    As for the Fae I’m disappointed to hear what you’ve seen so far. The Fae (from what I know) are generally winged, magical creatures, but can sometimes take on like elfish forms (which is where I can understand you’d get the Edward Cullen thing from). I think people do typically use Fae as a word for a gorgeous, powerful species. However, I prefer Fae with a heck of a lot more lore and species-building than that… if only I could think of some. Hm… *makes up own story for fae creatures instead* :p


  3. Bex says:

    Yah the far have always been hard for me to get into. I do love twist endings and I don’t find enough of them. I’m apparently reading the wrong books. And your assessment on characters is so very true and interesting as a writer to think about. We are taught to make our protagonists likeable and maybe that advice is a little too on the nose?


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