Top Ten Tuesday: Book Recommendations

I’m having trouble describing this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, but it is essentially an “If you liked A, you would probably like B” situation. I love this topic, but I had the same idea a few months ago and was thinking about making it a regular series of posts on this blog. So instead of using up all of my recommendations in one go, I’m going to list nine reasons why fans of Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas should read the Lumatere series by Melina Marchetta. You’re all shocked, I’m sure.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.14.04 AM

1. The women: How could we start with anything else? Fans love Celaena’s complexity (though I’m not her biggest fan) and the Lumatere books have complicated and fascinating women in spades. There are so many different types of woman, different manifestations of femininity, and great examples of women supporting women.

2. The men: Everyone seems to have their personal favorite ToG man, and I promise you there are plenty of amazing male characters in Lumatere. To provide a little anecdote: my friend was reading the series and texted me “Oh my god, who knew Froi was such a fox?” You will fall in love.

3. The plot twists: Neither series shies away from big reveals. What can I say? I love a good bit of drama.

4. The world: Skuldenore is rich with different countries, languages, cultures, and idiosyncrasies.

5. The characterization: I love when a writer can make me change my mind about a character. It means you’re writing them well. I grew to love several Lumatere characters that I hadn’t originally liked.

6. The relationships: I mentioned this in my Crossover Camaraderie post, but Celaena doesn’t have a great support system (as of the end of Crown of Midnight). I really enjoy seeing people support each other, complement each other, and work together.

7. The writing: I wouldn’t be obsessed with Melina Marchetta if she weren’t an amazing writer.

8. Grijio of Paladozza: Okay, so there’s no ToG equivalent to Grijio, but he’s my favorite minor character. Please read this series even if it’s just so you can meet Grij.

9. POC representation: ToG is sorely lacking in this department, but Lumatere has a pretty good grasp on it.

Anyone who liked Throne of Glass will enjoy the Lumatere Chronicles. They’re both unique approaches to fantasy. The characterization is amazing and there’s something for everyone. Go request it from the library right now. I’ll wait.

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