Crossover Camaraderie: Part One

I’m sure that every book nerd has come across a character and tried to play matchmaker. I can’t help it. Some characters just seem really compatible with characters from other books!

This is my first attempt at starting a series here on Great Exhortations, which I am (for now) calling Crossover Camaraderie. In these posts, I will be matching two characters from different books who I think would be great friends if they were ever to meet. And my first example is the Bookish Girls Trifecta.

I’ve talked about these three as a unit before. I first mentioned them in My Favorite Heroines post, and then again in a recent Top Ten Tuesday.

Matilda from Roald Dahl’s Matilda, Hermione from the Harry Potter series, and Liesel Meminger from Marcus Zusak’s The Book Thief

813Let’s look at what they have in common. The most obvious thing is their love for reading. All three girls are voracious readers. Matilda taught herself to read before kindergarten, Hermione has read pretty much the entire Hogwarts library, and Liesel likes books so much that she commits crimes just to get her hands on them. They all recognize that books and knowledge are powerful (and two of them even have actual powers). What book blogger hasn’t included this trio in a list of characters they love identify with?

But the biggest thing I think they have in common is their combination of compassion and edge. These girls are kind, but each has a vein of grit. Matilda gets along with the sweet Miss Honey, but she has no problem using her knowledge and psychic powers to scare the lights out of Trunchbull. The girl is blackmailing full-grown adults before her sixth birthday. Hermione cares about her friends and humane treatment for the house elves, but she literally keeps a woman in a jar for months. And Liesel has just as big a heart as Hans and Rosa, but she beat up a boy for calling her dumb and partakes in crimes ranging from stealing to hiding a fugitive.

While I already have a few ideas for future editions of Crossover Camaraderie, I would love to hear whether there are any characters you have wished could meet.

2 thoughts on “Crossover Camaraderie: Part One

  1. averyawkwardblogger says:

    Dumbledore and Gandalf! That one’s obvious.
    I also want Hermione to meet Bella and teach her a thing or two about being a strong female character.
    I also want Tris and Katniss to meet. I feel like they could be twins.
    Fun post! 🙂


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