Top Ten Authors I Want to Meet – Top Ten Tuesday

Yes, it’s Wednesday, but I’m still going to participate in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish because it’s adorable and I just found out about it. The top ten authors I would like to meet are as follows (and yes, I’m counting deceased authors, I don’t care whether you think it’s cheating).


1. Melina Marchetta. My queen, my fearless leader, my spirit guide. Everything she writes is incredible and I want to be her. She isn’t really on this list, she is the list.
2. Neil Gaiman. He wrote half of my favorite books. As in, the half that Melina Marchetta didn’t write.*
3. JK Rowling. The only people between the ages of 18 and 28 who can write this list without putting JK Rowling on it are the people who have already met her. Everyone wants to meet JK Rowling, that’s a given.
4. Gail Carson Levine. A weird choice, maybe, but Ella Enchanted was a formative book. Learning that heroines can be smart, funny, and good at languages was a big thing for me when I was little.
5. Sarah Dessen. I loved her books in high school. Plus, I follow her on Twitter and she seems like the sweetest person alive. I might be going to her signing on Sunday!


6. Oscar Wilde. The most insulted I have ever been was this one time I told a co-worker that I thought Oscar Wilde and I would be friends if we knew each other and my co-worker laughed and said we wouldn’t be. How dare you.
7. Jane Austen. She wrote Pride and Prejudice! And Emma! She’s so sarcastic and clever!
8. William Shakespeare. This is like the JK Rowling of deceased writers. Everyone wants to meet Shakespeare.
9. Alexander Hamilton. Does this count? I blame Lin-Manuel Miranda for this one (speaking of Lin-Manuel, I’ve met him briefly before but he could also make it onto this list).
10. Agatha Christie. I enjoy her books, but Doctor Who is 100% of the reason why she made it onto this list.

*[Note: My favorite books aren’t divided 50-50 between Marchetta and Gaiman. It’s more 65-35 in favor of Marchetta.]

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