Bout of Books 13 – Day Two


I finished The Invisible Man! 172 pages decimated in one evening. My page count so far for Bout of Books is 403. I’m debating going to the library tomorrow and taking out some books that’ll be quicker reads, as My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me is a fairly hefty book at 533 pages. While I know Bout of Books doesn’t have to be about finishing books, I like the feeling of accomplishment.

Challenge: Character Face Off from Lulo Fangirl

I took a public speaking class in college and for one of the assignments, we had to argue both sides of an issue. While all of my classmates picked serious topics, I argued that in a fight between Avery Jessup from 30 Rock and Tammy Two from Parks and Recreation, Avery would win. So today’s challenge is right up my alley! I’ve decided to go with two Melina Marchetta characters from The Lumatere Chronicles, Finnikin and Froi (Also, I would apologize for the amount of Marchetta on this blog, but she’s my spirit guide and I make no apologies).

Finnikin of the Rock

Who: Consort to the Queen and the reluctant leader Lumatere deserves
Cons: Just wants to be part of the Lumateran Guard and chill
Pros: Intelligent, cares for his exiled people, makes a great ruler (eventually)

Froi (of Lumatere, of the Exiles, etc.)

Who: An orphan adopted by pretty much the whole kingdom of Lumatere, to be quite honest
Cons: Harsh, hostile, did some gross stuff while he was an exile in Sarnak
Pros: Incredibly loyal and dedicated once he loves someone. Also, my friend called him “a fox,” which is true and he probably has more game than Finnikin and Lucian combined.

Winner: Finnikin of the Rock

Why: Look, we all saw Froi’s amazing development and he’s one of those characters who is redeemed by his capacity to love. But to put it frankly, I’m in love with Finnikin. I described him to my friend the other day as “That kid who wants nothing more than to be on the football team, except that he’s smart so everybody keeps pushing him into Model UN.” I should really make my boyfriend read these books so I can point at Finnikin and the queen and be like “This needs to be us. This is the goal.”

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