Introductory Book Meme

As another little get-to-know-me post before I dive into blogging, I thought I would answer a few questions about myself and my reading habits. These questions are all taken from Booking Through Thursday, which is an adorable little blog posting weekly meme questions. I’ve picked around seven questions to answer.

Do you have a favorite book? What do you say when people ask you? [x] I usually have a small list of titles I love such as Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations (obviously), and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Or I’ll say it’s probably something by Melina Marchetta or Neil Gaiman, since they’re probably my favorite authors. Also, my favorite book when I was little was Ella Enchanted. I called that my favorite book for years, so it’s still a contender.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone to get something to read? If your absolute favorite author was coming out with a brand new book tomorrow, what would you do to get a copy? [x] Order of the Phoenix was the first Harry Potter book to come out after I had started reading them. I happened to be in Colombia visiting my family and I was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to read it immediately. My uncle managed to find a bookstore that had it and drove us all to some mall to go pick it up. It was such a sweet gesture and it was definitely the furthest anyone’s gone to get me a book. That said, if Melina Marchetta published a book next week that was only being sold in Australia, I would pay some absurd shipping fees to get my hands on that.

Do other people in your family also like to read? [x] My sister isn’t much of a reader at all. My mother reads, but sticks to easy, fun books for the most part. My dad loves to read, but he reads the news a lot, especially news relating to his field (public health). He likes the occasional novel, but most of what he reads is nonfiction. He loves food, so he especially likes books about the anthropology or history of food. For Christmas, I gave him a book about the linguistics of food, which he promptly lost on a trip of Brussels a few months later.

Do you read books written for children or teens? Or do you stick to books for adults? [x] I love YA and children’s lit. I know there’s lots of talk about whether it’s “appropriate” for adults to read these genres, but I think it’s nonsense. I try to read a wide variety of genres and they all have their strengths and merits.

What was your favorite book from 2014? [x] The Lumatere Chronicles. Yes, it’s a trilogy and not a single book, but I read all three in 2014 and I say it counts. These books were heartbreaking and such an interesting take on classic fantasy. I can’t recommend these books enough.

In an ideal word, what kind of book cases would you have? What kind of book cases do you actually have? [x] Someday, I would like to have a room of bookcases, maybe in combination with a home office. I don’t like a ton of color or complicated decor, so I think I would just prefer that the bookcases are all white and that the room is simple. Currently, I’m living in an apartment, so most of my books are still at my parents’ house. I have one small white bookshelf that doubles as a TV stand.

Do you ever wonder who would be cast as your favorite characters? [x] Most of the time, I piece together what a character looks like as I get details of their appearance, but sometimes I just know what a character looks like. The best example is Taylor Markham from Jellicoe Road. She was Kaya Scodelario in my head within minutes.

Go check out Booking Through Thursday for some lovely questions about books and reading. It seems like a fun little project and I’m considering answering their questions as a weekly post.

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